Swingvasion Schedule

Levelled Workshops

This year we are running levelled workshops - please see the level descriptions below to help you determine which level is most appropriate for you.


These workshops are targeted at all dancers. Everyone will be able to take something away from these workshops.

Level 2

This workshop is targeted at more experienced dancers. Dancers likely have at least 12 months of experience dancing WCS. Dancers are expected to have fluent recall & application of basic patterns, and an understanding of more complex techniques such as Rock’n’go’s and Hitches. This is targeted to challenge by including more complex patterns or detailed technique.

Level 3

This workshop is targeted at our upper level dancers. You must be an intermediate or advanced dancer in the WSDC point system to attend.


7:30pm: Doors Open

8:00pm: Open Workshop - Zac and Maddy

9:00pm: Social Dancing

10:00pm: Pro Show

11:00pm: Musical Steals

11:30pm: Social Dancing

1:00am: Close


10:30am: Doors Open

11:00am: Open Workshop - JP and Emma

12:00pm: Break

12:30pm: Open Workshop - Mackenzie and Raushaniya

1:30pm: Open Workshop - Tze

1:30pm: L2 Workshop - Zac and Maddy

2:30pm: Break

3:00pm: Competition Prelims

5:30pm: Dinner Break

7:30pm: Competition Finals, followed by Invitational J&J

11:00pm: Prizegiving

11:30pm: Social Dancing

3:00am: Close


10:30am: Doors Open

11:00am: L2 Workshop - Mackenzie & Raushaniya

12:00pm: Break

12:30pm: Open Workshop - JP & Emma

12:30pm: L3 Workshop - Tze

1:30pm: Open Workshop - Tze

2:30pm: Social Dancing

4:00pm: Pack Down

5:00pm: After Party!

Swingvasion Schedule